Personal injury cases can be a very attractive source of supplemental income for a number of different medical specialties. Personal injury attorneys are constantly looking for doctors on liens for their clients. Many times, however, these attorneys have a hard time finding the right doctor (specialty, qualifications, services, etc.) or one near their client.

Power Liens was created to connect personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys to the physicians their clients need.

We are currently working hard, all over your city, making sure every single personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney knows about and accesses our directory every time they need to find doctors on lien.

Power Liens is, and will always be completely free for lawyers to use, no signup or login necessary either.


On Power Liens, you decide whether it’s a case you want and keep 100% of your negotiated bill… we stay out of it!


Many other “lien companies” will actually interface with the attorney, decide whether or not to take the case, hold the lien, negotiate it, keep the majority of the reimbursement, etc. At Power Liens, we know that a middle man can be frustrating for doctors on liens, so we do not get involved. It all happens between the attorney and the doctor.


We at know that attorneys are not just looking for ANY doctor on lien. Often times they need to know they are sending them to a GREAT doctor who works on lien. Someone who understands the personal injury industry and knows exactly what a lawyer expects from a doctor treating their client. This is why we created the Power Liens Preferred Provider Program. Qualified doctors can apply to become a Preferred Provider and receive a number of benefits including exclusivity, highlighting on, periodic press releases for your practice, exclusive Preferred Provider seal for your website and office, highest recommendation from Power Liens staff and marketing representatives, and more. Becoming a Preferred Provider is a thorough process and is not for everyone. To find out how to apply,

email [email protected] or
call us directly at (800) 680-5526.

If you are interested in learning more about the Personal Injury world, read below:

Some of the most common causes of personal injury include: Vehicle accidents (car accident, tractor-trailer accident, motorcycle accident, and boating accident), Medical malpractice, Wrongful deaths, Workplace accidents or workplace injury, Products liability, Dangerous drugs, and Airplane accidents.

There are many types of personal injury doctors who work on personal injury liens. Some of the most common are: Chiropractors (Chiros), Orthopedists (Orthos), Neurologists/Neurology, PM&R (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation), Physical Therapists, Pain Management, Neurologists, Radiologists / MRI Facilities, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Plastic Surgeons, and Dentists.

There are many types of bodily injuries that can result from negligent or intentional acts, including: Brain Concussions, Traumatic brain injury, Spine (paralysis), Organs, Skeletal system (broken bones), Muscular injury (neck and back), Whiplash, Burns, and Broken bones.

There are different types of negligence that can cause personal injury: Medical negligence, Dog bites (premises liability), Slip and fall (premises liability), Failure to obey traffic rules and regulations, and Product liability.

In some cases people may be the victim of intentional injury. Here are some examples: Situation where the harm was expected or intended, Assault, Battery, and Defamation

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