Power Liens is the largest directory of Personal Injury and Workers Compensation physicians working on liens or letters of protection.

Built as a free, easy-to-use resource for attorneys looking for doctors on liens near their clients, Power Liens is the only place to find specialists like orthopedists, physical therapists, radiologists, neurologists, and other medical specialists and personal injury doctors on liens. 100% free to use and no sign-up required, simply type in your client’s location and select the type of physician you need. You can even filter your results by office hours, degrees, special treatments, etc.

On Power Liens, you negotiate your lien directly with the doctors…we stay out of it!

Many other “lien companies” will actually interface with the attorney, decide whether or not to take the case, hold the lien, negotiate it (often strongly), etc. At Power Liens, we know that a middleman can be frustrating for attorneys, so we do not get involved. It all happens between the attorney and the doctor.


Our Preferred Providers – the ideal partner for attorneys & patients

While every doctor on our site is vetted to work on medical liens, only our Preferred Providers have the Power Liens seal of approval. Our Preferred Providers are guaranteed to provide excellent service to both attorneys and their clients. All of our Preferred Providers are required to sign a Patient Bill of Rights that includes the following promises:

To the best of our ability, accommodate patients with same-day or next-day appointments.

To conduct medical examinations and provide thorough, accurate, and timely medical reports.

To conduct business honestly and honorably.

To consider the clients physical and financial interest during treatment and settlement.

To treat patients and attorneys in a friendly and welcoming manner.

To notify the attorney if there is a gap or discontinuation in treatment.

You can recognize these providers by their highlighted listings and orange pins on the results map. For more information on our Preferred Providers, call us at (800) 680-5526.

Our research team – helping attorneys find specialist doctors on liens

Need a specialty we don’t have listed? Looking for a doctor on lien in an area we haven’t covered yet? Have a special request? Feel free to call or email us at any time and we will dispatch our research team to help find a doctor for you. We do this as a courtesy for our attorneys and ask nothing in return except continuing to use our website and letting doctors know where they found them!

We constantly strive to keep our list as updated and high-quality as possible. If you have any suggestions, doctors on liens we should add, questions, please let us know!

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