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A warm welcome to Marc Joseph Rabideau, PT

A warm welcome to Marc Joseph Rabideau, PT, from the largest online directory of doctors on liens – Power Liens!

As a longstanding physical therapist in San Francisco, Mr. Rabideau has dedicated his time to the rehabilitation of individuals sufferingfrom movement impairment stemming from accidents, injuries andailments. Restoring the quality of his patient’s life with accurate care and physical therapy has been the core focus of Mr. Rabideau’s practice for the past 35 years.

Mr. Rabideau attended the School of Physical Therapy at the University of Minnesota. He is also affiliated with the American Physical Therapy Association and is a former member of the Society of Orthopedics in the United Kingdom.

Rehabilitation is an important part of complete cure. It greatly helps restore bodily movements, in order for an individual to return their normal activities.

Physical Therapy enhances the quality of life of an individual. Mr. Rabideau believes that any surgery or cure is not complete until the patient can effortlessly perform functional activities without interruptions. Mr. Rabideau’s practice includes evaluating, treating and preventing spine degeneration. He proactively teaches patients strengthening techniques for their back, neck, and joints with exercises and proper movements. Most importantly, he educates his patients about making healthy lifestyle choices.

If you are in need of a PT in the SF area please contactsMr. Rabideau directly at the following address:

Physical Therapy of San Francisco
Physical Therapist
2410 18th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94116
(415) 403-2339

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