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Chiropractic medicine uses spinal manipulation to unlock the natural healing ability of the body – all without inputting any foreign agents into the system. HB CHIRO MED’s purpose is to spread this form of affordable, high-quality health care to residents of Huntington Beach and its surrounding communities, while also striving to create a comfortable and […]

Dr. Andre Aboolian knows confidence is everything, which is why his Beverly Hills plastic surgery office accepts personal injury liens. Within his practice, Dr. Aboolian has adopted a patient-centric approach—which has earned him a nationally acclaimed reputation where out-of-state patients come to his office for their plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Aboolian offers reconstructive surgery services […]

In case of an automobile accident or a workplace accident where the injured is a victim of someone else’s negligence, the injured can sue the negligent party. The attorney of the injured gets paid from the settlement amount only if he wins the injured compensation for the damage caused. The patient selects a doctor to […]