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Finding proper medical care and negotiating lien claims for individuals who suffered personal injury can sometimes be thornier and more convoluted than settling the claims resulting from these incidents. Clients may not understand why they’re legally obligated to pay providers when they were the ones who were injured, or they may be confused by their […]

SEARCHING FOR A CHIROPRACTOR WHO WORKS ON LIEN? TAKE A LOOK AT POWER LIENS’ FEATURED DOCTORS FOR DECEMBER. Finding the right chiropractor for an injured patient is essential for any personal injury case — especially when getting your client the proper treatment fast is a priority. Don’t worry, though. Power Liens has your back! Since […]

As many attorneys know, finding a pharmacy willing to provide treatment on lien can be extremely difficult. The main reasons that pharmacies are skeptical is because personal injury and workers’ compensation cases involve detailed documentation and often take a long time to settle. In the past, many of the negotiations between attorneys and pharmacies also […]

Personal injury cases are those where someone is injured and suffers damages due to the negligence of another person. The victim then files a personal injury case to recover their losses. For those involved in the process, it is crucial to understand these cases and the laws that govern it. Here are just a few […]

In a personal injury case, one person is injured due to the negligence of another. It could be anything including a automobile accident, a slip and fall accident, product defect accidents, assault, medical negligence and so forth. For example, if a vehicle driver is not following traffic rules, this is a demonstration of carelessness or […]