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Allied Pain and Spine Institute delivers the most cutting-edge and evidence-based pain solutions in the San Jose, CA area. The staff and doctors at Allied Pain provide comprehensive consultation and multi-faceted care for acute and chronic pain conditions for the spine and entire musculoskeletal system. With three different locations, Allied Pain and Spine Institute can […]

Pain management is important to control ongoing pain, especially if you suffer long term chronic pain. A doctor generally assesses your condition and decides what pain management treatment you would require. In personal injury cases, pain management specialists are required for providing clients with pain relief so that they can return back to normal life […]

Personal injury cases require some amount of pain management either via prescribed pain relief medicines or by non-medical means. The amount of drugs prescribed acts as an indicator of the intensity of pain. Some patients require pain medication and some do not. But if you are working on a personal injury case with an attorney, […]