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Allied Pain and Spine Institute delivers the most cutting-edge and evidence-based pain solutions in the San Jose, CA area. The staff and doctors at Allied Pain provide comprehensive consultation and multi-faceted care for acute and chronic pain conditions for the spine and entire musculoskeletal system. With three different locations, Allied Pain and Spine Institute can […]

In a personal injury case, if there is any sort of damage to the musculoskeletal system, an orthopedic surgeon is called upon for evaluation and to determine the intensity of injury. If it is significant, doctor will perform surgery so the patient can make a full recovery. Here are a few types of surgeries that […]

Any damage to the skeletal system, whether it is an ailment or accident, will require treatment from an orthopedist. Attorneys are always looking out for orthopedic surgeons to work with them on personal injury or workers’ compensation cases, but it’s often very difficult to find the right one. Many doctors refrain from taking such cases […]

Orthopedic surgeons deal with ailments of the skeletal system. Any diseases affecting the skeletal system generally have far-reaching impact on the normal life of these patients. Accidents and injuries could also affect the skeleton and the muscles surrounding it. To begin with, let us understand the different types of ailments that could impact the skeletal […]