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Working on personal injury cases can be quite a task! Especially finding the right doctor is willing to work on lien basis until the case is settled in court. In the past, many doctors cringed at such an arrangement since the cases can take a long time to settle and it seemed the payment could […]

To understand medical liens and how they work, one must first understand what personal injury is and how it is linked to a medical lien. In layman’s terms, a personal injury is when one individual suffers an injury due to another person’s actions or negligence. The attorney is necessary to represent their client in court […]

Doctors are an important part of personal injury or workers’ compensation cases. Many people involved in an accident or a work-related injury require extensive medical care. This sometimes includes emergency hospital care, surgery, physical therapy, rehabilitation and pharmacy services. But what if they are not able to pay for their treatment upfront? Or their insurance […]

We know that personal injury and worker compensation cases require a doctor to treat the patient while the case is settled in court. Attorneys are always on a look out for doctors on liens to treat their clients as long as it takes. But, what is in it for doctors? Why would any doctor provide […]

Personal injury cases generally deal with someone injured due to the negligence of another. They need medical care even though they cannot pay it out of their own pocket or by using their insurance to cover the expenses. But, they do sue the other individual who caused the accident. The doctor then takes a lien […]