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SEARCHING FOR A CHIROPRACTOR WHO WORKS ON LIEN? TAKE A LOOK AT POWER LIENS’ FEATURED DOCTORS FOR DECEMBER. Finding the right chiropractor for an injured patient is essential for any personal injury case — especially when getting your client the proper treatment fast is a priority. Don’t worry, though. Power Liens has your back! Since […]

Has your client suffered an intensive injury and needs immediate treatment to get back to normalcy? If you answered yes, you need the services of a chiropractor. But choosing the right chiropractor can feel like trying to find your way through a maze. P.J. Javaheri Esq. founded Power Liens to solve this exact problem. At […]

If you’ve used Power Liens to find a physician on lien, chances are you have crossed paths with our friendly in-house research team. However, even from those interactions it is difficult to know how much effort goes into what they do. Whether you are a doctor, attorney, paralegal or simply interested in how we do […]

At Power Liens, we are always doing our best to share our Preferred Provider physicians with law firms. Why? Because every one of your clients deserves the best and it is our aim to connect you with the perfect doctor for each and every case. That said, we realize that not everyone using our service […]

A spinal surgeon specializes in the treatment of the nervous system, specifically the spine which transmits nerve impulses from the brain throughout the entire body. In a personal injury case, whenever there is severe damage to the spine or the victim complains about severe back pain, a spine surgeon is called upon for examination; however, […]