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If you are in need of dentist in the San Diego area, look no further then Dr. Yaron Miller! Dr. Miller, of Vista Dental Care & Specialty Center, provides quality dental care for all of San Diego County. Dr. Miller and his staff’s top priority is their patients’ smile and are dedicated to providing them […]

In a personal injury case, if a client has broken, chipped or otherwise damaged their teeth in an accident, a dentist may be required to evaluate their losses and provide treatment. This is crucial for the patient’s well-being as well as the outcome of the case. The extent of the patient’s damages is the critical […]

Traumatic dental trauma is more common in motor vehicle collisions than industrial-related accidents. In both scenarios, “Dental trauma includes concussion, subluxation and dislocation of teeth, and fracture of teeth and maxillofacial bone, in addition to soft tissue injury that may cause ecchymosis, hematoma and laceration or abrasion”. Dental providers must determine the presence of orofacial […]