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Power Liens proudly presents Dr. Nathan Morello, D.C. as our preferred provider in South San Francisco, CA. Dr. Morello accepts lien for both personal injury and denied workers’ compensation cases! Dr. Morello’s personal experience with musculoskeletal injuries has inspired the way he cares for his patients. Having been treated by chiropractors throughout his athletic career, […]

Dr. Douglas Di Siena has years of experience in treating chiropractic issues on lien. Located in Irvine, Dr. Di Siena treats back issues through non-force practices. Check out the video below to see a patient testimonial! Dr. Di Siena is also a Qualified Medical Examiner for lien cases. To schedule your patient, call (661) 952-7805 […]

Dr. Kelvin Yoo knew he wanted to become a chiropractor after recovering from debilitating low back pain from chiropractic care himself. Through different treatments with adjunct physiotherapy and rehabilitation, Dr. Yoo was able to get long-lasting relief and recovery without any invasive injections or surgery. Dr. Yoo has since become an advocate of comprehensive integrative […]

Finding the right doctor in Central California can be a difficult task; consequently, finding one willing to accept a patient on lien can seem virtually impossible. Even though the doctor receives a letter of protection which promises that they will be paid once the case is settled, many physicians still shy away from working on […]

Power Liens is proud to have Dr. Hooman Mehr of EZ Care Wellness as a Preferred Provider! Dr. Mehr is a Chiropractor based in Los Angeles who accepts patients for personal injury cases on a lien basis. She has been taking these patients for over 15 years, making her an excellent resource for attorneys in […]