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Meet Dr. Armen Cherik, Neurologist on Lien in Glendale

A modern neurologist specializes on a wide range of disorders within the nervous system,including the brain and the spinal cord. Concerning a personal injury case, if there is any damage to the nervous system or the patient complains about severe and reoccurring headaches, a neurologist will need to be consulted on the damage.

Because of the advanced and highly technical nature of this specialty, finding a Neurologist on lien can seem impossible its first. Consequently, this same dilemma is what keeps our users coming back time after time. In just 3 clicks, you can locate a Neurologist on lien free of charge!

Dr. Armen CherikIntroducing Dr. Armen Cherik, Power Liens newest Neurologist on Liens! At his office located in Glendale, California, he accepts patients for personal injury cases on a lien basis. Dr. Cherik has 23 years of experience in Medical-Legal Neurology and 27 years of experience in inpatient & outpatient Neurology. In addition to this, Dr. Cherik is an active member of the Stroke Committee at Glendale Adventist and Glendale Memorial Hospitals.

As an Expert in Traumatic Brain Injury, Dr. Cherik performs a wide variety of Neurological procedures that include: Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) Electroencephalogram, EMG, Neurobehavioral Testing, Sleep Testing-Polysomnogram, Trigger Point Injections, Nerve Blocks, and Botox Injection for Neurological Conditions. Dr. Cherik is fluent in English, Spanish, Farsi and Armenian.

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