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Introducing Bakersfield Upright MRI on Power Liens

Bakersfield Upright MRI photosAN MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is way of using radiology to generate an image of both anatomy and physiological process occurring in the body. The strong magnetic fields generate pictures inside the body that can be used to diagnose injuries and diseases in a wide range of cases.

For a personal injury or workers’ compensation case, the first step is determining the severity of the injury that one’s client has sustained. Typically, the greater the injury, the more likely that the client has a justified claim to compensation. An MRI may be essential to know the full extent of the damage, especially if it is internal.

Power Liens is proud to have an MRI center as a Preferred Provider that is ready and willing to see patients on lien!

Bakersfield Upright MRI Center located in Bakersfield, CA, and sees patients for both personal injury and workers’ compensation cases! Their technology allows for the best image possible while keeping patients comfortable. In addition to this, they see patients from all over the state of California! View their entire profile and CV by clicking here.

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