Harbor Spine & Injury Center – World Class Practitioners on Lien

Harbor Spine & Injury Center, headed by Dr. David Main, provides gentle chiropractic and rehabilitation of the spine.

The facility emphasizes undoing damages put on the body due to poor ergonomics and stress. They also focus on an integrative approach to healing, using innovative treatments such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

Harbor Spine & Injury Center specializes in acupuncture, chiropractic care, sports medicine and more.

Dr. Main has a vast knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle management, as well as extensive experience in the treatment personal injuries and automobile accidents.

Dr. Main is also knowledgeable on the specific topics of grading injuries and Med-Legal procedures, a fluent speaker of English and Spanish, and has volunteered at health clinics in Peru and San Francisco—providing free treatments to those who needed it most.

When not at Harbor Spine & Injury Center, Dr. Main gives lectures on various healthcare topics such as stress management, blood sugar regulation and the health benefits of fasting.

So, if you’re looking to schedule your patient to a facility with an integrative approach to healing, visit Harbor Spine & Injury Center on Power Liens, or call (310) 218-0541.