Power Liens has arrived in Florida to get you the perfect physician for your case.

We know that though many Personal Injury cases in Florida only require a chiropractor, many more serious cases need treatment from different types of specialists. For attorneys in Florida, it’s tough to locate nearby doctors on liens or LOPs (where the physician will wait to be paid for their services when the Personal Injury/Workers Compensation case reaches a settlement, instead of requiring the patient to pay immediately). Our free and easy to use network features hundreds of chiropractors, orthopedists, physical therapists, radiologists and many others in Miami who do exactly this kind of Personal Injury or Workers Compensation work. Power Liens works off location, so all you have to do is punch in your client’s address, pick the type of doctor on lien your client needs, and see all the results nearby.

Power Liens’ integrated filtering function also makes it very simple for attorneys who are looking for specific types of doctors. Our physician search can be narrowed down by type of degree, expert witnesses, special treatments, office hours, etc. Use it as much as you want… it’s totally free!

A Personal Injury or Workers Compensation lawsuit can be a stressful time for the injured party. Making sure your client doesn’t have to drive across town to go to the doctor is a good way to help make this time easier for them and build your relationship with them at the same time. Power Liens goal is to help lawyers improve their clients’ satisfaction and build trust between them.

The Power Liens Florida Directory has doctors on liens in all these cities: