Dr. Victoria D. Lucas, DC, LA.c – Healing With Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Los Angeles

“Happiness lies, first of all, in health.” – HG Bohn.

When logging onto Dr. Victoria D. Lucas’ website, one of the first few things you see is the above quote. And the quote encapsulates Dr. Lucas’ philosophy behind her practice perfectly.

See, Dr. Lucas guides her practice with the following mission statement: to heal in a natural, safe and pharmaceutical-free way. This mantra is exemplified by the chiropractic and acupuncture services she offers to both regular and personal injury patients in Los Angeles.

Here are some of the services offered at Dr. Lucas’ practice:

– Physiotherapy Modalities
– Therapeutic Massage
– Low Level Laser Therapy
– Whole Body TurboSonic Vibration
– Acupuncture
– Fixed Cupping or Wet/Moving Cupping
– Personalized Herbal Therapy and Nutritional Counseling

For personal injury cases, Dr. Lucas and her team provide both examination and treatment for cases where the patient has been in an auto accident or has fallen. This will determine the full severity of the injury or injuries sustained, as well as provide a roadmap for treatment and prevention of acute injuries turning into chronic ones.

For more information on Dr. Lucas’ practice and how she provides state-of-the-art adjunctive therapies, see her profile on Power Liens.

Or, if you would like to book in time at Dr. Lucas’ Los Angeles chiropractic practice, call (310) 734-4312.