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We are honored and excited to have the Center for Pain Control as this week’s featured provider in our network. The Center for Pain Control consists of a multi-disciplinary team of board-certified physicians and advanced practitioners dedicated to the treatment of acute and chronic pain for patients throughout the state of California. The practice’s founders […]

A spinal surgeon specializes in the treatment of the nervous system, specifically the spine which transmits nerve impulses from the brain throughout the entire body. In a personal injury case, whenever there is severe damage to the spine or the victim complains about severe back pain, a spine surgeon is called upon for examination; however, […]

Personal injury cases deal with accidents that are generally caused due to the negligence of another. Some accidents cause severe back pain or serious back injury. If the spine is in any way affected in such cases, a spine surgeon is required to perform the surgery. Spine surgeries are generally very critical and require specialists […]