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During the course of personal injury or workers’ compensation cases, some pharmacies will work on lien to fulfill the client’s needs with the prescribed medication and drugs and do sowithout expecting any payment up front. Thisrole that pharmacy plays is crucial to a personal injury case and the well being of the client, especially when […]

California is one of the states that records the highest rates of personal injury cases. Thus the demand for doctors willing to work on liens is very high here. Attorneys are constantly looking for experienced doctors to work with them on personal injury as well as workers’ compensation cases. Not everyone can afford a physician […]

In case of an automobile accident or a workplace accident where the injured is a victim of someone else’s negligence, the injured can sue the negligent party. The attorney of the injured gets paid from the settlement amount only if he wins the injured compensation for the damage caused. The patient selects a doctor to […]

Doctors are an important part of personal injury or workers’ compensation cases. Many people involved in an accident or a work-related injury require extensive medical care. This sometimes includes emergency hospital care, surgery, physical therapy, rehabilitation and pharmacy services. But what if they are not able to pay for their treatment upfront? Or their insurance […]

The attorney of the injured (in a personal injury case or a workers’ compensation case) sends a letter of protection or a medical lien to a physician. This letter generally states that the physician agrees to treat the patient until recovery so that the case in the court can be settled. The physician on lien […]