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Dr. Andre Aboolian knows confidence is everything, which is why his Beverly Hills plastic surgery office accepts personal injury liens. Within his practice, Dr. Aboolian has adopted a patient-centric approach—which has earned him a nationally acclaimed reputation where out-of-state patients come to his office for their plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Aboolian offers reconstructive surgery services […]

Are you looking for a chiropractor or pain management specialty on lien in San Francisco? Look no further than Atlas Health Center! Comprised of board-certified chiropractors and certified pain management specialists, Atlas Health Center offers patients top-of-the-line customer service and commitment to health and wellness. Atlas will recommend a care plan that is specific to […]

At Power Liens, our goal is to be much more than a directory. Anyone can use a phonebook, which is why our aspirations are so much greater. Our mission is to create and maintain lasting relationships between personal injury attorneys and physicians with our extensive marketing. We find the best doctors that accept personal injury […]

Typically, when someone goes to a doctor for any ailment or disease, they must pay for the services provided at the time of treatment. This is generally done out of pocket or an insurance company will cover the payment, especially if it is a large amount. In the case of car or work place accidents, […]

To understand medical liens and how they work, one must first understand what personal injury is and how it is linked to a medical lien. In layman’s terms, a personal injury is when one individual suffers an injury due to another person’s actions or negligence. The attorney is necessary to represent their client in court […]