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The third week in April marks Neurodiagnostic Week, when we set aside time to acknowledge the year-round efforts of Neurodiagnostic professionals around the world. As was the case for professionals in every medical specialty, neurodiagnostic technologists have been absolutely crucial this past year. They continue to work hard to provide patient care as well as […]

Whether your client is suffering from job-related repetitive strain or a traumatic injury caused by an accident, their chronic pain may be rooted in the central nervous system. Nerves control movement and also have a sensory function, providing a pathway to the brain where chronic pain registers. A patient with headaches and dizziness caused by […]

Ensuring your client receives the proper diagnostic tests following an accident is essential in determining the appropriate care and recovery. This is especially important in assessing possible nerve and muscle damage, which may not be easily visible, but is nonetheless painful with potential long-range consequences. Electromyography (EMG) and Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) assessments are referred […]