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Has your client suffered an intensive injury and needs immediate treatment to get back to normalcy? If you answered yes, you need the services of a chiropractor. But choosing the right chiropractor can feel like trying to find your way through a maze. P.J. Javaheri Esq. founded Power Liens to solve this exact problem. At […]

If you are in need of dentist in the San Diego area, look no further then Dr. Yaron Miller! Dr. Miller, of Vista Dental Care & Specialty Center, provides quality dental care for all of San Diego County. Dr. Miller and his staff’s top priority is their patients’ smile and are dedicated to providing them […]

When someone is involved in an accident, you might think that a Dentist would be the last physician they would need to see. However, in many cases, dental care proves absolutely essential to the well being of the patient. In collisions, slip-and-fall, and other incidents that can occur, the sudden jolt experienced by the victim […]

At Power Liens, we are always doing our best to share our Preferred Provider physicians with law firms. Why? Because every one of your clients deserves the best and it is our aim to connect you with the perfect doctor for each and every case. That said, we realize that not everyone using our service […]

There is a growing trend of Orange County doctors working on personal injury and workers compensation cases, on a lien basis. Medical professionals understand the value of premium healthcare services required for personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. The contribution of a board certified specialist could shift the trajectory of a legal case, particularly during […]