Doctors on Liens for California Attorneys

California is the state with the most Personal Injury incidents in the US every year. As such, attorneys in the Golden State are constantly looking for doctors on liens for their clients. Power Liens was built to help these attorneys and their staffs find the perfect doctor near their client. 

Many times, Personal Injury cases require a doctor in an area the attorney is not familiar with or of a specialty that is unlikely to work on lien. Attorneys and their staffs are then forced to spend countless hours looking for a doctor that will work on a lien basis. Power Liens was created to help attorneys save that time. Our sophisticated and proprietary software makes it easy for California attorneys and those injured to find the perfect doctor on lien. Whether you need an ortho on lien, MRI on lien, or even a dentist on lien, we can help find one for you. 

Believe it or not, our website is completely free to use. We don’t take a commission or referral fee. You contact the doctors on liens directly to set the appointment and negotiate the case.

From big cities like San Diego and Los Angeles to smaller localities across the state, Power Liens helps attorneys find doctors on liens to meet every need.

The simple way to find doctors on lines 

It doesn’t get any easier to use Just type in your clients location (address, zip, city, etc.), select the type of specialist you need, and click search. The results will show all the doctors on liens in your clients area! Play around with the awesome filtering function to get the perfect doctor for your client. For example, you can search for neurologists on liens in Anaheim who are open on weekends and provide transportation for their patients.

If you ever need a doctor on lien that for some reason is not on our directory, give us a call at 800-680-5526 and we will dispatch our dedicated research staff to find one for you. We do this as a courtesy for attorneys and only ask that you let the doctors know that you found them on Power Liens!

Operating across California

The Power Liens California Directory has doctors on liens in all these cities: