Power Liens was built to help attorneys and those who’ve been injured in Arizona find the right doctor on lien to treat their injury. Our directory has hundreds of different physicians all working on Personal Injury liens around Maricopa County and elsewhere in the state. Power Liens is the perfect resource for attorneys and their staffs who don’t have the time to search for chiropractors and other specialists (orthos, neuros, plastic surgeons, imaging centers, etc) near their client. It never looks good for a Personal Injury case to send your client across town to see a doctor. With Power Liens, you can just type in your clients Arizona address, and all the doctors on liens near your client will populate in front of your eyes. You can even filter your results to get a really specific doctor like an ortho on lien who has Spanish speaking staff and provides transportation for their patients. Best of all, it’s free to use. You call the doctors directly and we never will get in the middle. All that we ask is that you tell them you found them on Power Liens. If you are looking for a certain doctor on lien that we might not have on our site yet, don’t despair! Just give us a call and we will dispatch our research team to help find one for you. We do this as a courtesy for attorneys who are using our site.

The Power Liens Arizona Directory has doctors on liens in all these cities: