Introducing Universal Care Surgical Center!

Universal Care Surgery Center

Power Liens has a new multi-specialty on lien in North Hollywood! Universal Care Surgery Center has pain management, general surgery, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgeon – extremities, orthopedic surgeon – spine, neuro spine and podiatry.

Universal Care Surgery Center was founded with a vision that the surgical industry needed a new leader in the minimally invasive realm of outpatient surgical centers.

With a state-of-the-art facility, they provide personal injury care with minimally invasive approaches whenever possible. Their surgeons are experts in personal injury and workers’compensation.

Also, they provide highly trained expert witnesses through our surgeons. Their immense medical and surgical knowledge, along with their experience in providing medical testimony, can give your case the edge that it needs. Universal Care Surgery Center ensures that you are seen in atimely matter, and that all of your diagnostic tests and appointments are scheduled quickly as well.

Finally, Universal Care Surgery Center boasts an in-house medical billing staff that is expertly trained in handling personal injury cases. They seek to provide a one-stop experience where all of your needs are coordinated.