Anyone who has searched for a Psychologist willing to to see a patient on a lien knows how difficult it can be. Fortunately, searching for hours to find the perfect physician on lien is a thing of the past. Power Liens is proud to add a Psychologist in Los Angeles with multiple locations! Dr. Arthur […]

If you’ve used Power Liens to find a physician on lien, chances are you have crossed paths with our friendly in-house research team. However, even from those interactions it is difficult to know how much effort goes into what they do. Whether you are a doctor, attorney, paralegal or simply interested in how we do […]

Finding the right doctor in Central California can be a difficult task; consequently, finding one willing to accept a patient on lien can seem virtually impossible. Even though the doctor receives a letter of protection which promises that they will be paid once the case is settled, many physicians still shy away from working on […]

In a personal injury or workers’ compensation case, one of the physicians required for a case is a Chiropractor. Often times, the client is in a great deal of pain but may not need an invasive surgery. Many Chiropractic offices even offer further services if, upon evaluation, the client does need more serious treatment. Dr. […]

Power Liens is proud to introduce our Priority Provider of Chiropractic treatment in Los Angeles, Dr. Alejandro Platon! Located on Wilshire in between Downtown Los Angeles and Korea Town, Revita wellness accepts patients on lien for personal injury cases and is an excellent contact for attorneys practicing in Los Angeles. In a personal injury case, […]