Dr. Kelvin Yoo knew he wanted to become a chiropractor after recovering from debilitating low back pain from chiropractic care himself. Through different treatments with adjunct physiotherapy and rehabilitation, Dr. Yoo was able to get long-lasting relief and recovery without any invasive injections or surgery. Dr. Yoo has since become an advocate of comprehensive integrative […]

Being injured in an auto or other types of accidents can be scary. Who will help? Will you be able to afford the medical care you need? Coastal Medical Group is a multi-specialty clinic that can help see you through this scary time. Coastal Medical Group is comprised of board-certified orthopedic and spine surgeons that […]

A modern neurologist specializes on a wide range of disorders within the nervous system,including the brain and the spinal cord. Concerning a personal injury case, if there is any damage to the nervous system or the patient complains about severe and reoccurring headaches, a neurologist will need to be consulted on the damage. Because of […]

When someone suffers a personal injury, one of the most important factors is the degree of injury. The more severe this injury is, the more likely they are to have a legitimate personal injury case. Unfortunately, because the injured party’s insurance will not cover medical expenses or they do not have insurance altogether, it can […]

Every August, attorneys from all over the California gather in Las Vegas for what is the largest trial lawyer convention in the nation! This year, CAALA 2017 is themed “Rock of Ages” and will be held at the prestigious Wynn | Encore Resort in Las Vegas. For the last 35 years, this convention has been […]